Sectional Overhead Doors

Door Specs

The main part of the sectional door is the insulated door panels which are made up of 45 mm thick double steel skin sheets at 1.5 mm thickness.

Each panel is 600mm high x the full weight of the door.

The bottom panel has a heavy duty deep rubber weather seal fixed by means of a aluminum retainer.

The second panel is useed as the lock panel.

Windows or vision panels can be fitted in the 3rd 4th and 5th panels (for natural light).

Track Specs

Most sectional door track systems are as follows:

  • Low headroom lift track system
  • Vertical lift tracks
  • High lift tracks
  • Standard lift tracks

All sectional doors have a counter balance spring system [generally 2 springs] witch lift the door by two steel wired cables fixed to the bottom panel.

Each door panel is held in place by 2 No: 55mm rollers and roller holdable hinged brackets.

Safety System

All of our doors are fitted with bottom blade type safety fixings which come in to action when a door lifting cables fails stopping the door from coming down out of control.

There is also a spring break device supplied as standard.

All sectional doors use a manual overide hand chain unit which is Generally 6 to 1 ratio.

Some doors have a 3 phase motor system with extra safety such as sender/receiver photo beam optical safe edge with built in auto return.

There is a large HPS 200 standard colour range on all doors.


Doors can usually be made and installed in 3 – 4 weeks of written order.