PVC Strip Curtains

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PVC strip curtains are generally fitted behind sectional doors and roller shutter doors in warehouses where the door spends a lot of the time in the open position, to protect personal from all types of weather conditions, acting as an ideal draft excluder.


Heavy duty style : 400mm wide x 4mm thick clear PVC plastic sections with an overlap of your choice ie:50% or 100%.

Light duty style: 300mm wide x 3mm thick clear PVC plastic sections with an overlap Of your choice ie : 50% or 100%.

The versatility of the stainless steel hook on type top track allows the client to remove sections in the summer (hot weather) and refit in the colder conditions ie: winter.

We also fabricate, supply and fit, all of the steel frame work to support the PVC strip curtains behind any opening.

The PVC curtains can be made to fit any size opening

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