Insulated Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial roller shutter doors can generally be fitted with a manual hand chain or electrically operated system.

Control Choices include:

  • Electrically operated push buttons for up, down and emergency stop controls
  • Fully remote controlled with up to 4 channels per hand held key fobs
  • Push pad/access control units

All systems can be customised to your personal requirements.


Most industrial roller shutter doors are finished in galvanised steel but a fully powder coat colour range is available.

Curtains are cold rolled into a 3" steel lath sections, at 22, 20 and 18 gauge, depending on the width and the height of the door and where the door is to be located.

All side guides come in 63mm, 87mm and 100mm deep cold rolled sections.

You can also have 100mm deep wind end guide sections, which prevent the curtain from blowing in, in severe weather conditions.

A 3" bottom t rail is generally fitted to all doors with a choice of light or heavy duty bottom rubber weather seal.

Safety Systems

All doors come with a choice of safety systems:

  • Built in bottom rubber safety edge
  • Photo beam sender and receiver photo cells.
  • Soft edge auto return
  • Emergency stop button built on to the control panel.
  • Safety brake built into the barrel (opposite end to the motor) - This will come into action when the counter balance springs or drive chain from motor to barrel fails, stopping the door from causing any harm to personal or anything under the door.