Concertainer Folding Shutter Doors

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Type of use

Folding Shutter Doors are ideal in areas of low head room

They can be fitted on the out side or in side of Industrial buildings were head room is limited

Door Specs

  • Galvanised steel leaf sections at 300mm wide x 6000mm high
  • Cross section lattish bars form a scissor type frame work to take the front leafs
  • Vertical u-channels with built in nylon slides which connect to the front door leafs
  • Top u shaped hanging tracks fixed to walls by alloy hanging brackets
  • Bottom u shaped guild track concreted in to 100mm deep x 100mm wide concrete channels

Most folding shutter doors hang on a top double trolly type roller system depending on the width and the height of each door

Behind Closed Doors concertina type folding shutter doors are horizontally operated by means of 3 phase electric motors or manual operated by hand

Locking is achieved via 5 lever locks built in to the leading post