Fast Action Speed Doors

These doors are generally fitted behind industrial roller shutters and sectional doors to keep the heat in the factory and the cold out, saving on large heating costs where there is a high volume of traffic.

Opening and closing speeds of a 4 meter square door is approximately 5 seconds to open and 6.4 to close ).

They are also fitted in food factory's which prevents any vermin or insects from entering the factory (allowing excellent pest control).

These doors are generally made up of a PVC vision panel approximate size @ 1 meter high by the width of the door, These can be made completely clear depending on the your requirements.

Electric specifications

Electrically operated by 3 phase or 240 volt air cooled industrial motors. The doors are opened by a choice of:

  • Magnetic induction loops cut and fitted into the floor (for fork lift truck detection)
  • Fully hand held remote controlled systems
  • Radar detector systems, fitted above and to the side of each door
  • Standard push button control panels.


Safety mechanisms that are typically used in these installations are:

  • Photo electric safety beams
  • A electric safety edge system is fitted to the bottom rail providing an instantaneous stop / reverse feature should the bottom rail come into contact with an object before it reaches the floor
  • A crank handle can be fitted to the bottom of the motor for manual operation in case of a power failure

Other features include a bottom rail which has a unique brake out system built in to each end allowing a fully qualified engineer to repair the door quickly and easley with a low cost to the client.

There is a full colour range on this type of door but generally most of are clients have at least one meter of clear vision panel for safety use with folk lift trucks