Dock Shelters

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The main use for Dock shelters are to protect the inside of factories and warehouses from outside weather conditions when lorry's are being unloaded at a dock bay by fork lift trucks.

The most common type of dock shelters used at food factories is the blow up air bag type system designed to seal the 2 sides and the top of articulated trailers from all types of insect and vermin from entering the warehouse (pest control)

This system works in conjunction with a dock leveller system. When the lorry trailer is reversed in between the two wheel guides up to the heavy duty rubber bumpers then the industrial door will be opened. Then the dock leveller will be activated to suit the difference in height from the warehouse floor to the trailer floor. This will automatically activate and blow up air bag system sealing the trailer to the warehouse.

The dock shelter is constructed of a 50mm thick insulated compsit panel to both sides and the top of the dock shelter. The blow up air bag system works with 3 phase and single phase heavy duty fans, these are fitted inside the dock shelter at a clear height above the air bag system.

We now manufacture a new 5500mm high x 3600mm wide blow up air bag dock shelter to suit all new twin floor (double level) European trailers.

The air bag system is so versatile it meets with all existing single level artic trailers and the new European double trailers, giving a pressurised seal from 300mm to 1600mm drop on the top bag and 400mm to 800mm on the side bags.

There is also a heavy duty neoprene rubber side seal to protect the air bags when they are deflated and dock leveller is not in use.