Dock Levellers

The main use for a dock leveller is to allow fork lift trucks, stand on fork lift trucks, and pump up pallet trucks, to be driven from a finished floor level in a factory to all different levels of English and European trailers, to be unloaded.

There are two different types of dock levellers,

1. hydraulically operated dock leveller in conjunction with a blow up air bag loading bay systems.

2. Manually operated dock leveller by hand pull chain

The dock leveller is manufacture with heavy duty steel checker plate for long life and frequent use by fork lift trucks.

The dock leveller is powered by a single phase and 3 phase hydraulic pump with automatic levelling switches for the front lip of the dock leveller when coming down onto the back of any type of lorry bed / trailer.

We can also supply and fit full Dock Shelter Systems that are commonly used with Dock Levellers

Dock Levellers Dock Levellers