Garage Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

Each individual garage roller shutter is made specificity to suit the clear weight and height of the clients opening.

Face fixed doors: fitted behind existing timber frames or brick piers.

Between wall fix : under steel cationic lintel or between brick piers.

The lath sections which make up the curtains come in 77mm high x 19mm deep foam filled sections and are excellent for insulation values when converting you garage into an office or workshop space.

The bottom rail is made flat semerler to the curtain with a deep rubber weather seal.

The side guilds are fitted with low noise brush strips for quiet operation.

The hoods fascia panels and side guilds/tracks are all colded rolled depending on the size of the door [wider the door deeper the side guilds].

All of the above are finished in a power coated corrosion resistant finish [standard :non standard :or textured wood grain finishes] 31 colour choices.

Electrical Specification

Each door comes with a 240 volt tube motor with built in thermal cut outs limit switches and 2 Key Fob remote controllers as standard (extra key fobs can be brought separately)

The remote control unit with a built on courtesy light that will light up the garage for approximately 45 seconds after the door is in the fully open position.

All of the electrical work carried out when the insulation of one of our doors is fitted by a fully qualified election

Safety devices

Revolutionary light grid safety system covering the hole door opening stopping the door from closing on any item inside the garage (including vehicles and people!).

Locking device

On a 3000mm wide door there will be 7 auto locks at the base of the door. This prevents the curtain from being lifted in the fully closed position.

On completion of the. door are engineers will commotion the. door and reset the Limits in the fully open and fully closed position